RIP Equifax





This week we got a doosey of an article. Equifax was hacked and lost information about 143 million people…oops. The information that was leaked was social security numbers and names. It is not like those are easy to change. That makes it one of the worst leaks of all time. On top of that credit card numbers were stolen as well. Stocks plummeted and the company might face a lawsuit. It should be interesting to see if the company stays afloat after this major disaster.

This shows the really ugly part about data collection. What happens when we cant trust the companies collecting our data? Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about that question until today and I am not sure I have much faith in them anymore. Out of all the companies I would hope wouldn’t get hacked into, it was probably the company that collects data about credit score. Today is another major reminder that security is critical and that our privacy and data matter. Hopefully companies start taking that seriously after today.


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