Cyber Warfare






I am looking at two articles because they both were written up around the same time and they both talk about the same topic. Cyber warfare is a huge issue that we are seeing pop up in the news over and over again. From election hacking, to american companies being targeted, it is crucial we understand what is happening.

With the first article, we find that nuclear power stations have been targeted by hackers. The FBI and Homeland Security both released statements about how severe these attacks are.The article goes on about previous attacks that happened and how real this threat is.

The second article talks about how malicious software was linked to the 2016 Ukraine power outage. Our homeland security is investigating what happened here and it doesn’t believe our power plants have been affected. They did say to be alert over this because it could be manipulated to infect US power plants. It is common practice for viruses to be molded for new purposes.

Cyber warfare between countries is a huge threat. Ukraine has shown us that our infrastructure is potentially vulnerable to these kind of attacks. It shows our country how crucial investing in computer security is. If war does break out between countries it will be against our technology. These articles remind us how scary this stuff really is.



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